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        MTP MPO 40G,100G Data Solutions

        • Fiber Optic MTP MPO Solution...
          MPO/MTP Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO/MTP and discrete connectors. They are used to interconnect MPO/MTP backbones with LC or SC patching. Modular system allows for rapid deployment of high density data center infrastructure as well as improved troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds and changes. Cassettes can be mounted in 1U or 3U 19” multislot chassis.Multicore trunk cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments reducing network installation or reconfiguration time and cost. They are used to interconnect active equipment, cassettes, panels or ruggedized MPO/MTP Fan Outs, spanning MDA, HDA and EDA zones.Trunk assemblies are offered in most fiber types as standard 12 to 144 core versions using a compact and rugged Micro Cable, Nano Cable or traditional Loose Tube structures. The compact cables optimise cable-way use and improve airflow. Multifiber MPO/MTP interface containing 12 or 24 fiber ferrules as well as discrete interface is available.
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