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        • Fiber Optic PLC For FTTH Pro...
          Exceed Enterprise provides all kinds of PLC for FTTH projects, we have professional designed and developed team for marketing inquires. All the finished products passed Standard GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE, it also meet the standard ROHS.
        • Ages of Fiber To The Home
          FTTH because of its use of optical fiber transmission medium without noise, no radiation, anti EMI capability, communication system is not limited by bandwidth, distance and other advantages to get faster promotion. As countries grow in demand for bandwidth, FTTH has accelerated in recent years. User FTTH, and the level of the for FTTH coverage to the main push 531000 12000, 1456% 2004 the number of broadband users according to the Gartner's newly published report, the Asia Pacific region in 2004 increased by 50% (from 2003 years of 4078 million households increased to 61 million households), one of Thailand's growth rate even as high as India grew by 23.6%, while the Japanese FTTH users from 2002 to 2003, the Japanese operators of fiber households accounted for 75% of the market, is expected in 2005 can reach 100% of the fiber to the home, 2003 in Europe, the number of users is 40 million, although not as good as the Japanese, but much higher than in the United States in the period from now to 2008, Europe's number of each year increased by 60 percent.
          According to the U.S. Technology Futures Inc predicts that U.S. broadband penetration will reach 75% by 2010.
          FTTH such rapid development of the root with a huge source of power market: 1) P2P communication, namely symmetrical load and its application for occupy all network communication 50-70% of the. 2) online games, the application has a huge market space, South Korea, 90% of Internet users are online game users, to 2007 revenue is expected to more than $2B, and its typical representative is have considerable spending power has a good education of adults. 3) remote medical treatment, can make the patient in thousands of public Inside and outside access to professional care, and through TV video do face face consultation or expert on-site advice in surgery. 4) network office, employees can freely flexible arrangement of time, improve work efficiency. And reduce the cost of the company's construction. In addition, it also has a very attractive in terms of cost. 1) FTTH active equipment price is only ADSL equipment is 1.5 times the 2 FTTH wiring cost is twisted pair cable access 1 / 10 of the 3) fiber failure rate is low, and reduce maintenance costs (FTTH vs DSL 2:7) 4) device power consumption low, reduce the cost of energy.
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