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        Address:Blvg B, HengBang Tech Park, 1th LouCun Ind Area, Guangming District, Shenzhen, GD. 518107





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        Fiber Optic Terminators

          Exceed this kind of Armored Cables mainly used in outdoor data connected.
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          MTRJ(female) - MTRJ(female) Duplex 50/125um/1.6mm Multimode Patch Cord
        • 65
          Its harsh environment fiber optic connector is designed with rugged and robust housing which fulfills IP68 environmental sealing requirement, which support virtually any extreme environments.
          Sealed to IP68 rating, the highest ingress protection level for all of its kinds, our ruggedized IP connector delivers distinguished performance in robustness and reliability to deal with those typical challenges like extreme
          temperature, humidity, vibration, as well as chemicals corrosive gasses. We offer this ruggedized IP connectivity solution in forms of pre-terminated assemblies and connector kit to fit for each unique installation needs. Our factory terminated assemblies are custom built to your specific
          requirements include connector type (LC, MTP, Elite-MTP), fiber type (OS1/2, OM1~OM4) in different length options. This high precision factory terminated solution helps you to enhance network reliability by achieving
          low loss optical performance, while eliminating on-site termination cost and supporting faster network deployment.
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          Fiber ribbon cable is dedicated fan-out pigtail cable splitter in the optical fiber ribbon (such as 12-core) optical fiber be protected separately, and then install the connector plug, to achieve sub-fiber connection in optical distribution frames (ODF) on.
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          Multi-core cable fanout jumper pigtail can be multi-core cable (such as 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, 12 cores, 24 cores, 36 cores) sector separately and mounted on the connector plug, multi-core fiber optic cable points connection for easy connection and indoor distribution frame (ODF) intensive installation.
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          Our Single-mode fiber optic patch cords and Multi-mode type are manufactured to standard or custom lengths, colors, connector types and jacket thickness. Available in either a riser rated or fire-retardant plenum jacket with APC or UPC - SC, LC, FC or ST connectors. These patch cords are ideal for a wide range of applications such as, high bandwidth, long-distance telecommunications. Exceed finds it crucial to monitor quality by hand testing each patch cord to meet or exceed fiber optic industry standards.
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