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        Address:Blvg B, HengBang Tech Park, 1th LouCun Ind Area, Guangming District, Shenzhen, GD. 518107





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          AWG is a kind of integrated planar waveguide WDM device (PLC), has the function of multiplexing and reuse.
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          WDM is a series contains information, but different wavelengths of light signal synthesis bouquet, along a single optical fiber transmission; at the receiving end and then in some way, the different wavelengths of light signals to separate communication technologies. Wavelength division multiplexer is used in this technique. One hundred million trusted passive CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexing system can effectively save the cost of fiber-optic and networking resources, it addresses the shortage of fiber and transparent transmission of two multi-service problems, mainly used in metro aggregation and access layer, may be short-term network construction and business. Since CWDM low cost, low power, small size and many other advantages, is a low-cost, high-performance transport solutions, is now widely used MAN transmissions. Packages for: LGX boxes.
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          Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM) is a broadband wavelength-division-taking system, the key components, the use of dielectric film filter filters, wavelength stability is good, sealed packaging technology, high environmental stability.
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          EXCEED supplies a flexible option in passive WDM product, CWDM and FWDM are filter type which provides excellent wavelength management performance. Fusion type FBT WDM which is an economic solution for PON/CATV/Broadband fiber system, PWDM type, PD intergrated WDM module is available.
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          980/1550nm and 980/1590nm WDM is using a unique melting tapering technology made specifically for erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), it will signal light and 980nm pump light into the erbium-doped fiber in the signal light is amplified. 980/1550nm WDM used in C-band EDFA, 980/1590nm WDM used in L-band EDFA.
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          1310/1550nm WDM is the use of a unique technology fused tapering made for splitting and synthesizing the two-wavelength optical signal, to achieve two optical signal transmission system of transmission in a single fiber. Products can work in a variety of ambient temperature and high power, and to maintain excellent stability and very little additional loss.
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